Outlook 2010 PST Splitter: Your Soon Impending Need!

Outlook 2010 PST Split

Starting at $49 Only

Isnít it nice to put some of your management concerns out of other organization chores to your ever growing Outlook PST file size which if managed properly can dig out Gorky gains to your enterprise? Okay, even you have sufficient economies of scale but rethink, Outlook is too an application having space constraints like other apps. What if Outlook deployments someday compel you to scratch your head with unappreciable warnings? Secure your organization productivity start PST Splits, Outlook 2010 PST split tool is PST split Outlook 2010 utility which never let you baffle on how to split Outlook 2010 PST file. Outlook 2010 PST Split tool: Useful Insights

  • Windows compliant support any Outlook release withal Outlook 2010
  • Sandbox runs over Outlook not into Outlook
  • Standard navigation, easy browse elite utility
  • Befitting triad split by date, by year, by size

How to Split Outlook 2010 PST File: Claim Free Copy

Outlook 2010 PST Splitter, PCVITA Split Magic split PST file Outlook 2010 on the fly. Never again let you stuck on how to split Outlook 2010 PST file this split PST tool requires no geek skills to pull out essential juices out of its functionality, even tender footers can be the masters fetching the most of it to its optimum. Grab your free copy, direct download to your system. Shop for Full version worth 49 USD with 24x 7 supports alongside.

PST Split Outlook 2010 Hails in Triad Mode Functionalities

  • Split PST File Outlook 2010 by Year: yearly PST files as specified in date range;
  • Split Outlook 2010 PST file by size: define your resulting PST file size quanta in 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB 7 4 GB
  • Outlook 2010 PST split by date: let you define PST the moment from Outlook configuration to date specified and other PST from there onwards.